We provide payment for the treatment and rehabilitation of children affected by the war

We collect funds and buy the necessary military equipment, equipment and vehicles for the Armed Forces

Covers the needs of citizens and territorial defense in the regions on the basis of local Aurum Group enterprises

Informs the society about the importance of unifying citizens to help the Armed Forces

of the "Aurum" Charitable Foundation
on the inclusion of the founder of the foundation
Alyona Pavlivna Lebedeva in the sanctions list

On May 12, 2023, a decree of the President of Ukraine introduced the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated May 12, 2023 "On the application and introduction of changes to personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)" which includes Lebedev Alyona Pavlovna.

We believe that there are no objective grounds for adding Alyona Pavlovna Lebedeva to the sanctions lists! The case for which the suspicion of Ms. Alyoni was declared legally groundless, during the investigation, which has been ongoing for more than a year, no convincing evidence was provided and no indictment was issued. But unexpectedly, the authorities decide to introduce these sanctions. We see this as unjustified and groundless pressure by law enforcement agencies on Alyona Lebedeva's business, more details about this are mentioned in official position of Aurum Group .

The "Aurum" Charitable Foundation has never in its history had any dealings with the Russian Federation and has always been a support for hundreds of Ukrainian families.

It is worth noting that the Charitable Fund of Alyona Lebedeva "Aurum" was created in 2017, with the aim of legally formalizing the already existing charitable activities of helping and supporting the Ukrainian population by Alyona Pavlivna personally, as well as employees and enterprises of the Aurum Group industrial and investment group. From the moment of its creation until today, the foundation has always tried to meet the real needs of Ukrainian society. Therefore, the first projects of the fund were to improve the material and technical base of Ukrainian hospitals - providing children's hospitals with modern equipment and carrying out repairs in the premises of medical institutions. Later, the foundation added to its scope of work assistance to newborn children, whose parents could not afford expensive operations, and with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, it also began to provide assistance to the Armed Forces, displaced persons and war victims.

The ideological inspiration of all projects has always been Alyona Lebedeva - the founder of the fund, a patron, a benefactor, a person with a sincere, unchanging patriotic and civic position, who in all the affairs of the "Aurum" Charitable Foundation aimed only to help Ukraine and those Ukrainians who care most about her in need.

The main source of funding for the fund was Ms. Lebedeva's personal funds, which, despite the loss of a large part of her business and enterprises under the occupation, she continues to use to provide charitable assistance. From now on, the sanctions do not allow the "Aurum" fund to receive income from Alyona Lebedeva. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Aurum Foundation has been systematically providing assistance to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at various areas of the front, to the border troops to strengthen the state borders, and also engaged in humanitarian support for those who suffered as a result of hostilities. The fund, with Alyona Lebedeva's personal funds and with the support of caring Ukrainians, has already given 9 cars to our soldiers in the east, including an ambulance. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers of the Aurum Foundation, thousands of square meters of camouflage nets are woven, plate carriers for body armor are sewn, humanitarian aid is delivered to internally displaced persons, and equipment and tools are provided for military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Only in 2022, the Aurum Charitable Fund allocated more than 6.5 million hryvnias to finance these projects.

The Foundation is trusted by thousands of Ukrainians, foundations, volunteers, military units, from whom we always receive certificates and thanks for their help, as well as benefactors from abroad, who support the implementation of all our initiatives with their own donations. This manifestation of trust and support for all the good things done and will continue to be done by the foundation now and in the future is a true assessment of our activities and Ms. Lebedeva personally for the strengthening of our country and joint Victory! And despite the fact that sanctions are imposed against Alyona Lebedeva, we continue to work because the fund receives many requests for help. And we are not going to stop! We demand restoration of justice! The "Aurum" Charitable Foundation calls for an end to the unjustified pressure by law enforcement agencies on the foundation's founder Alyona Lebedeva, because with the loss of the foundation's main source of funding, thousands of Ukrainians and defenders of Ukraine will lose a significant source of support.

Activities of the fund

"Alona Lebedeva's Aurum Charitable Foundation was founded in 2017. The foundation's main activity was focused on helping children who needed urgent medical care and improving the material and technical condition of state and communal medical institutions of Ukraine.

With the beginning of the war, the fund's activities were transformed to support the protection of the civilian population, help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and provide financial assistance for the treatment of children who suffered as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Purposes of the charitable foundation

Medical care

Support for hospitals and children in need of urgent medical care

Military equipment

Purchase of military equipment, body armor, cars

Support and assistance

Support of citizens and territorial defense in the regions on the basis of local Aurum Group enterprises

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hryvnias was sent to help the Armed Forces
hryvnias was sent to help the Armed Forces
cars were purchased and sent to the front line
cars were purchased and sent to the front line
body armor was given to our defenders
body armor was given to our defenders